Daily Replacement Lenses
These soft lenses are replaced after a day’s wear so each new lens remains sterile. With reduced maintenance required, these lenses are the ultimate in convenience. They are available in both hydrogel and silicon hydrogel materials and also as a toric option.

2 Weekly and Monthly Replacement Lenses
These soft lenses are replaced after 2 weeks of wear or after a month depending on the lens type. Disinfection of the lenses and case is essential after use, to ensure a healthy eye.


Hydrogel Lenses
Soft hydrogel lenses are made from gel like water containing plastics called hydrogels that allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea. They are biocompatible with the eye and so are comfortable to wear.

Silicon Hydrogel Lenses
Silicon hydrogel lenses offer exceptional oxygen transmission and durability. The silicon component of the lens provides high oxygen permeability for longer wearing times, while the hydrogel element facilitates flexibility and wettability of the lens. Some silicon hydrogel materials are approved for extended wear.

Toric Lenses
Soft toric lenses are available for patients that require moderate astigmatic correction. They are available in both hydrogel and silicon hydrogel materials.

Multifocal Lenses
Soft multifocal lenses are designed to correct vision at varying distances. There are two main designs of multifocal lenses. The first is a lens in which a set of concentric circles allow for correction of distance, intermediate and near vision. The second is a blended design. The latter maintains both the distance and near prescriptions close to the centre of the eye. Our visual systems use a technique called simultaneous vision to process the incoming information.

This process of correction is an alterative to the use of multifocal lenses. The dominant eye is fitted with a distance correction whilst the non-dominant eye is corrected for near vision.
The brain adapts so that the correct information from each eye is processed i.e either distance or near images.
Conceptually, the idea of mono-vison can be strange to comprehend but most patients adapt quickly and enjoy clear distance and near vision without the need for glasses.

Extended Wear Lenses
These soft disposable lenses are silicon hydrogels that are very permeable to oxygen and so can be endorsed for up to 30 days continuous wear. These lenses need to be monitored more closely. Conventional soft lenses cannot be worn as extended wear lenses.

Coloured Lenses
Coloured soft disposable lenses allow you to enhance or change your eye colour completely.


RGP Lenses
As the name suggests, these lenses are more rigid compared with soft lenses. Made from silicon containing compounds, they allow oxygen to pass to the cornea. They are better suited to some patients e.g some patients with higher astigmatism may benefit from an RGP lens. These lenses require a little more adaption than soft lenses due to the rigid nature of the material.