We offer a comprehensive range of spectacle lenses from various manufacturers & have been accredited as a Nikon lens wear consultant. We also have the latest technology in software in Imagine-I, which allows us to demonstrate the features, and simulate the usage of spectacle lens designs currently available. In addition to this, Capture-I enables us to ascertain the exact measurements required for these latest lenses.

Single Vision
Single vision lenses have the same power across the lens & provide a single focus for either distance vision, near vision or intermediate vision.

With cutting edge advances in lens design, the latest progressive lenses permit faster & easier adaption. This enables sharp, instantaneous vision at every focal length from distance vision through intermediate to near, for presbyopic patients.

Special progressive lenses are also available for work & office use, where they provide enhanced & expanded intermediate & near vision.

The latest innovation from Transitions is the Signature lens. These are designed to quickly adapt from clear indoors to a darker state in changing light conditions. As clinically necessary, the lenses offer the required 100% protection from UVA & UVB rays.

High Index
With today’s evolving technology, thin & light lenses are available for all prescriptions. They offer a superior cosmetic appearance, excellent optical performance & are light weight for comfort.

These are light weight, impact resistant lenses. They are suitable for sporting activities & safety spectacles.

Glare Protection & Other Coatings
Anti glare coatings reduce reflections of light & glare, giving optimum visual clarity by allowing more light to pass through the lens. This aids night driving & screen use, whilst improving the aesthetic appearance of the lenses. Developments in this field provide improved scratch resistance whilst simultaneously creating a hydrophobic surface.

Polarising Lenses
A polarising lens manages reflections and supresses glare from any flat or shiny surface, resulting in a cleaner and sharper image. For example, polarising lenses eliminate glare to make water appear more transparent, enabling one to see fish and rocks below the surface. Similarly, polarising lenses will provide better definition for driving, removing dazzle and reducing eye fatigue. Amongst other manufacturers, we recommend Maui Jim as the leading polarising lens supplier, as their colour enhancing technology allows one to see true colours, while eliminating glare and offering 100% UVA, B & C protection. Maui Jim have a comprehensive range of sunglass styles, in both their prescription and ready to wear collections, with a selection of up to 4 lens colours.

Most of us are aware of the dangerous effects of UV rays on our skin, but few of us realise the danger imposed on our eyes. Ultra Violet light, whether from from natural sunlight or artificial UV rays, can damage the surface tissues of the eye, including the cornea. The risk of cataract onset is also increased & damage to the retina, particularly the macular can occur. Transition’s latest Signature lens & all of our sunglasses (prescription & non prescription), provide the required EU protection of up to 400nm of UVA & UVB.